Our Services

Following are the services provided by SUDA

  1. To undertake the work of preparing the development schemes under the Town Planning act.
  2. To prepare town planning schemes under Town Planning act.
  3. To survey the city development area in order to prepare development schemes and town planning schemes.
  4. To guide, order and help the local authority working in the city development area for planning, development and matter related to the development of city area.
  5. To execute and manage the town planning schemes under city development area.
  6. To work for the provision of water sully, sewage and other services and facilities.
  7. To buy, sell, manage or do away with temporary or permanent property as required.
  8. To arrange meeting, do contract with local authority or person or organisation as required by SUDA.
  9. To do development work from time to time in the city development area as per the order of State Government.
  10. To provide other services as ordered by the State Government using other authorities.

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